Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mom Fires Her OB During Labor

In reality it is never too later too "fire" your provider. It can be very hard to switch providers when you are later in your pregnancy but it can be done. This mom took a stand while 4 cms dilated during and induction. Until changes are demanded such as this the system is not going to change. This mom in the end was able to feel empowered by her birth instead of feeling like she failed.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Everyday Miracles Video

This is the last one of the videos from Mother's Advocate.

A History of Birth Videos

There are several of these.

Even More Videos

Thanks everyone for checking out these videos and helping us to win a gift certificate so that we can purchase more learning materials for our clients.

More Videos from Mother's Advocate

More Videos

There are several of these and I am not sure if it's better to put them in separate posts or not.

Mother's Advocate

I was contacted about this by the company. There are a variety of video's about normal birth. They are having a contest through June 5th for a gift certificate. The site with the most views wins so share the link to this post with anyone you know who may benefit from viewing the videos.