Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Today show and Doulas

If you saw the bit on the Today show about doulas it was not very complimentary. It referred to doulas as a luxury and said buyer beware. The only person they really interviewed was a doctor who has banned doulas from her hospital. They didn't interview anyone who had used a doula. They didn't talk about the benefits of doula support or the amount of work that goes into training and certifying. The article on their website was a little better. Please feel free to write to the Today show in support of what doulas do and the many benefits of doula support.
Here is the link to the article on their site.

"New" info on prevention of c-sections

This article talks about waiting out a stalled labor for two hours. According to the article if medical professionals would wait for two hours before making the decision to do a c-section for "failure to progress" they could eliminate 130,000 c-sections a year. It is a great article that discusses the health risks of c-sections and increasing rates of them.

And now it is happening here

And now they are finding formula here that has melamine in it. They are saying that they have trace amounts that they don't feel would be harmful. When it was happening in China they said there was no way to set a limit on what would be safe/harmful but now they are saying not to worry. I say anything that is in there that shouldn't be is a problem but that's just me.

Hopefully this will help prevent premature births

Here's to hoping that this will help find better treatments for pre-term labor and that they don't use this knowledge to evict babies who aren't ready to arrive yet.

Study on pre-term labor

Here is a link to an article about the pre-term labor medicine nifedipine. It shows that it actually has little benefit.