Friday, August 15, 2008

Article about post-partum depression

I think it is fantastic that this program is being offered to women that deliver at Magee and are experiencing post-partum depression. It would be great to see this offered on a larger scale. I do agree that with Dr. Cheryl Beck that a traumatic and/or difficult delivery or c-section can be a contributing factor in ppd. It is a very scary time for mother's whose baby has had fetal distress and 10 people come running into a room to see what the problem is and then if they go rushing you off for a c-section it can be very traumatizing for all involved. Of course as the article states having longer maternity leaves and better coverage would help but we probably won't see that anytime in the next 20 years. You have to wonder why the belief is that it takes 9 months to create a baby but people think it should take only 6 weeks or less to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

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