Sunday, January 3, 2010

Considering Induction?

I discovered this doula through a doula message board that I frequent. I love her website! She has such wonderful, thorough, evidence-based information on her website. Following is the letter she wrote to clients considering elective inductions. It's awesome. If you or someone you know is considering induction because they are tired of being pregnant or are expecting a "large" baby check it out.

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Emily said...

I love the letter you posted on inductions. I hope that those women I know who are being pressured into inductions can appreciate it as well. I loved waiting for Lilly to be born! I read Spiritual Midwifery, took long hikes along nature trails every day, and spent "quality" (wink wink) time with Joe every night. I so sure that my body would know exactly what to do and when, that I think Lilly was able to sense my tranquility and arrive peacefully and early!