Friday, December 12, 2008

Tips for Sciatica pain during pregnancy

Here is an article from yahoo news about dealing with sciatica pain during pregnancy. I have two things to add. I had a wonderful belly support during my pregnancies. It was called a bellybra and I got it from JCPenney. I don't know that it so much helped with sciatic pain but it helped my back and my hips. I had TERRIBLE sciatic pain when I was pregnant with my daughter. I cried, couldn't sleep, couldn't drive, couldn't go to work it was simply awful. My chiropractor became my best friend. Without him I don't think I would have survived (although I know I would have but not very pleasantly). Within 48 hours of the first adjustment and lots of sitting and lying on ice packs I was about 90% better. I didn't try any other alternative therapies such as accupuncture or massage but the chiropractic care I received from then to the rest of my pregnancy worked wonders. Feel free to chime in and tell us what helped for you back pain and discomforts during pregnancy.

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