Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sick Kids

So today we were supposed to have a playdate with a local mom's group that I joined. So far I have only made it to one event because life keeps getting in the way. My three year old and I were really excited about going to check out the new play area at the mall. She cried several times through the night and was cranky in the evening last night. I was worried she was getting sick but hoped for the best. She woke up running a fever and the day went down hill from there. I ended up taking her to the doctor because she said her throat hurt and I was worried that maybe she had strep. Turned out she had an ear infection so he didn't swab her throat because we agreed it would just be torturing her if he was already giving her the antibiotic to begin with. I couldn't get the poor soul to take any motrin or tylenol until about 5 this evening after her temp made it to 103.1 under her arm and she was so sick that I was able to just pour it in her mouth. I knew the instant that the motrin kicked in because it was like she was raised from the dead and became Maura again. I know that it will only last a couple of hours but I am going to enjoy her while it lasts.

My poor 8 month old son has to feel totally neglected today though because I have nursed him and put him right back in the exersaucer everytime or in the swing because she had needed cuddled all day. I thought it was tough when she was sick and was the only child today has definitely been a learning experience.


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