Sunday, January 4, 2009

Embarrassing Breastfeeding Stories

So I was thinking earlier today about the early days of breastfeeding. If you've breastfed at least one you will remember those days. The one's when you still look like you are about 6 months pregant and your breasts are so swollen from engorgement you feel like you have the breasts that you see on calendars hanging in a garage somewhere. If only the rest of your body matched them and they weren't constantly leaking you might have it made. Anyways I digress.

Probably the most embarrassing story I have is from when my first child was about 1 week old. We went to my husbands work to show her off and of course she got hungry while we were there. One of the girls was nice enough to let me use her office to feed her. I was using the Medela Soft Shells for sore nipples in my bra and I forgot that everytime I fed her from one side the milk would let down on the other side and the shell would be full of milk. Everytime I fed her I would for some stupid reason lean over and all of the milk would run out of that shell and all over me and my clothes. So I fed her then proceeded to pick something up off the floor and you got it all of that milk ran down my face and on the floor and all over the front of my shirt. Now I was 210 pounds when I went into labor with her so a week later I was probably still 190 if I was lucky and with those breasts I may have still been 210 who knows. My husbands boss who was maybe 105 soaking wet says to me "Hang on I have an extra sweatshirt in my office you can wear on your way out" yeah right. I draped it over my shoulder and tied it to cover up the huge wet spots on my shirt.

Then to make matters worse she needed changed so I borrowed the top of someone's desk and proceeded to change an already poopy diaper and as I was changing her she started projectile pooping and now not only did I have milk all over my shirt but I had nice yellow baby poop to match it. After all of that I think the regular days didn't seem so bad. Oh and I never did learn about the milk in the shells because I did the same thing over and over when I had my son.

Anyone want to try to top me?

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Anonymous said...

Can't top that one, Amy, but it was a good read for sure!